10th Anniversary of Being Diagnosed

I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for ten years now. Can’t say it’s something to necessarily celebrate, but it’s a milestone. I don’t remember the exact day I was diagnosed, but it was in September ten years ago.

I had just started second grade in a private school. It was my second and last year there; my mom started homeschooling me again after that. It actually happened right after we came back from vacation.

I had started showing symptoms of diabetes while we were on vacation. The long car rides to and from the resort weren’t very fun. I was drinking water constantly because I was so thirsty (a symptom of high blood sugar), so I had to go to the bathroom at ever single rest stop that we passed. My mother noticed I was getting really skinny and got really worried about me.

The three days I spent in the hospital after I was diagnosed were bitter-sweet. I actually laugh at some of the memories. The first night they had to give me an IV. I hated needles – who doesn’t? (Well, my four-year-old sister doesn’t. She actually likes getting her blood drawn…she’s weird…anyway…) My dad had to hold me down to keep me still so they could put it in because I struggled so much. The whole ordeal was definitely more difficult for my parents than it was for me.

So, they got the IV in, and then they had to take me to my room upstairs. They thought it’d be easier to get me there if they put me in a wheelchair, so they could stroll me along with the cart holding the IV fluids. It probably would’ve been easier if they had just let me walk, because I DID NOT want to sit in the wheelchair! Again, I had to be forced (I’ve always been stubborn. It’s the Irish 😛 ).

But, really, what’s the big deal about sitting in a wheelchair? Most kids would probably think it was cool. I didn’t want to because I felt like it was degrading. There was nothing wrong with my legs. I wasn’t a baby that needed to be strolled. I was perfectly capable of walking. Why’d they want to put me in a wheelchair?? Well, they told me why, but again, I just thought, “I can just walk along with it – it’s really not a big deal.” I laugh at the whole situation now – though I still feel that way about wheelchairs :P. Actually, I was just thinking about it (wheelchairs) the other day: I was thinking “Would I rather be blind or be in a wheelchair the rest of my life?” I think I’d rather be blind o_o. Maybe.

I actually enjoyed a lot of the rest of my time there. My dad stayed with me the whole time, and every night I got to stay up late playing board games with him :D. I think I watched TV a lot during the day, though I don’t remember it much.

Anyway, here’s some memes only diabetics will understand:

High blood sugar got me like "WATER!"When you're blood sugar is low and you're tyring not to overeat.

Seems like that episode was practically written for T1 diabetics :D. I love the SpongeBob classics. The new ones just…they’re just not the SpongeBob I remember :(.

Things only diabetics can say: I just had a medical emergency, but I had cupcakes, so I'm fine now."Diabetic problems: When you tell people you're diabetic and they assume it's type 2, and that you got it from eating too much.

Going low/high when doing something important: *focus*focus*focus*Whenever I open my meter case...used strips fall out everywhere.

The struggle is real :P. (No, really, it is)

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